Mission, Values and Equalities Statement


Bradford CVS is a development agency, furthering local voluntary action and promoting, developing and supporting voluntary and community organisations throughout Bradford district.


Values which underpin our service

Professionalism: We will deliver a quality, effective and reliable service to all stakeholders

Impartiality: We will serve the best interests of our stakeholders without favour

Collaboration: We will build and maintain relationships across all sectors and share knowledge and resources.

Equality: We will provide support and services that are readily accessible to all

Empowerment: We will enable others to take responsibility for identifying and achieving their own objectives

Innovation: We will develop new ways of working, delivering services and meeting the needs of our stakeholders.


Equalities statement     

Bradford CVS recognises that Bradford is a society diverse in race, culture and beliefs and is committed to challenging oppression and inequality.

We believes that

  • no person should suffer oppression or lack of opportunity based on race, gender, belief, sexuality, disability, age, class or geographical location.
  • priority should be given to working with people whose full participation in society is limited by economic, political and social disadvantage.
  • the role of CVS is to affirm and enable all people to collectively play an active part in their community
  • all people have equal rights to work towards social justice and to participate in decision-making processes and local action in working towards a just and participatory society.
  • BCVS will positively promote these core values in all areas of its work and structure.